Welcome to Ray White Raglan

RAY WHITE RAGLAN REAL ESTATE WEBSITE  We are a  real estate company service provider for a wide range of real estate needs on behalf of established property owners, investors, and new arrivals in the region. Raglan is not being modest any longer. Raglan is not waiting to be discovered. It has been and is glowing in the stage lights of success!! Romantic Raglan, Radical Raglan, Really Raglan, Rich in Lifestyle Raglan. Yes Raglan is now a little paradise. Julie and Dave Hanna took over their business in December 2005 and moved into their renovated premises in May 2006. The business is continuing to grow under their leadership. Auctions have become a successful addition to the business, Julie is the only licensed Auctioneer in Raglan. Property management, managed by Russ Adams and Liza Toornstra is also a growing facet of the business. Property Management are now on Skype, you can skype them at Rentals Ray White Raglan.